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Polish cuisine

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About Maciejówka

Maciejówka Restaurant offers Polish cuisine with a modern twist.
In addition to delicious dishes prepared by the chef, we also offer polish wines, cocktails and beers from regional breweries. We will be pleased if you visit us.

Dishes and starters

Our dishes are prepared daily with fresh products of the highest quality.


Delicious desserts with fresh fruit, delicious cakes and refreshing sorbets.


We offer exquisite wines, whiskey, cognacs, polish vodkas.

Bon Appetit!

Our menu


Dumplings with cottage cheese

18 ZŁ

Potato cake

16 ZŁ

Dumplings with swith oxtail

22 ZŁ

Beef tartare

28 ZŁ


Chicken soup with homemade noodles

13 ZŁ

Chicken soup with meat dumplings

15 ZŁ


Selection of sorbets

12 ZŁ


15 ZŁ

Chocolate tart

18 ZŁ

Main courses

Veal schnitzel

35 ZŁ

Chicken fillet

25 ZŁ

Cabbage roll

22 ZŁ

Pork chop with bone

31 ZŁ

Minced meat cutlet

24 ZŁ

Game meat

Daily special based on availability of products.

Menu for kids

Breaded chicken fillet

16 ZŁ


16 ZŁ

Apple pikelets

14 ZŁ


Kozel barrel beer 0,3 / 0,5

10 ZŁ / 12 zł

Beers from regional breweries

14 ZŁ

Company beer

12 ZŁ

Alcohol free beer

9 ZŁ / 11 ZŁ


Vodka Wyborowa

8 ZŁ / 70 ZŁ

Vodka Baczewski

11 ZŁ / 95 ZŁ

Vodka Czarna Żubrówka

12 ZŁ / 105 ZŁ

Flavored Vodka

11 ZŁ

Gin Baczewski

14 ZŁ

Old Ballantruan

32 ZŁ

Gin Koval Cranberry

18 ZŁ

Vodka Baczewski Suweren

22 ZŁ / 220 ZŁ

Whisky Baczewski

16 ZŁ

Bourbon Koval

22 ZŁ

Rum Dictador 12

22 ZŁ

Rum Bacardi

16 ZŁ


17 ZŁ


Aperol Spritz

22 ZŁ


19 ZŁ

Kir Royal

22 ZŁ